Breaking Ground

Wines of texture and energy, that speak clearly, both of each other and of place – that was the brief. Emphasis is placed on echoing the dolorite rich volcanic soils of Broke Fordwich, Wonnarua country, where Ollie’s family have been growing grapes and making wine for more than 25 years. This unique sub region of the Hunter Valley is defined by the Fordwich Sill, which was formed when magma rose and spilled on the valley floor some 200 million years ago. The red clay topsoil provides a strong buffering capacity due to its water holding ability and enriched ionic concentration, allowing flavour to develop in full, without sacrificing acidity.

These wines favour vineyard personality over technical precision, though I see varietal correctness and microbiological soundness as key to articulating site. The flavour of artifice is avoided, instead fermentation and maturation vessels were chosen to best frame the distinctive fruit profile of our vineyards. We are extremely proud of our 100 hectares of self-managed, sustainably certified vines and these wines intend to provide a lens for our love of farming and gentle hand in the winery.

Hunter Valley, NSW
11.5 °C to 23.5 °C
32.1932° S
151.7006° E


Ollie Margan

Breaking Ground is the initiative of 3rd generation grower/maker Ollie Margan (Ba. Viticulture & Oenology Adelaide University). Growing up around the inception of Margan Wines in 1997, viticulture was something he learnt from an early age. From the age of 15 he started working harvest in the winery and has now completed 17 vintages in total. The fruit for this range is sourced from distinctive parcels within the 110-hectare family holdings. The resultant wines are reflective of Ollie’s time spent at home on the family farm, but also experience gained from working in other regions such as Central Otago, Bordeaux and the Adelaide Hills.

Organic Principles
Sustainable Winegrowing