Intergrale is a wine project born out of vineyards located in the Asolo Hills near Treviso and in the Euganean Hills near Padua. Intergrale started work two generations ago, following an ethical and genuine approach. A team composed of winegrowers, viticulturists and winemakers who respect the environment and value the quality of their product. The team is involved in the entire production chain: harvesting the mature grapes through the fermentation and aging process, up to bottling the finished product. Intergrale’s purpose is to create an original Organic product unique to the terroir of the region. All grapevines are planted on volcanic soil and solid roots are formed that enable their vines to grow strong and produce top-quality fruit.
The Euganean Hills are a beautiful territory in between the Dolomites and the Venice Lagoon. They are formed by a volcanic soil where the grapevine grows and bears fruit. Made with white and red ancient indigenous varieties, the unfiltered wines of the Intergrale line reflect the characteristics and the wine-making traditions. Intergrale carefully select the yeasts which, remaining in suspension, give to each product natural and unique appearances, colour and clarity.

3.2°c to 24.4°c
45.4415° N
12.3153° E

Prosecco DOC
Bianco Frizzante (Glera, Garganega, Serprino, Pinella)
Rosé Frizzante (Raboso, Marzemina, Corbinella, Turchetta)

David Gasperetti’s

David Gasperetti’s passion for wine first began when he was just a boy, growing up in Trentino Alto-Adige, one of Italy’s northernmost regions, surrounded by vineyards and wineries. He attended the University of Winemaking and Viticulture in Udine, also getting hands-on experience with different Italian wineries during their harvest season. Following his time studying, David travelled abroad and gained professional experience working in Maipo Valley in Chile, Napa Valley in California; and most recently, Stellenbosch in South Africa.

Certified Organic
Sustainable Winegrowing

NV Intergrale Prosecco DOC – Gold Gilbert Gaillard