Vin De Soif

Vin De Soif is a small-batch wine project focusing on creating well-made, organically farmed wines with a minimalist hands off approach. Each release carries inspiration from Rhône varietals honing in on forging interesting and textural wines that retain integrity to their individual terroir yet deliver on freshness and drinkability. All fruit is sourced from small parcels of certified organic single-site vineyards in Heathcote. These vines are aged between 10 - 15 years old and are all planted on Cambrian soil, an igneous rock pushed up by a volcanic thrust approximately 500 million years ago; a super calcium rich soil with incredible water retention. The result is super concentrated fruit that retains their varietal integrity while remaining expressive of their terroir. All wines remain unfiltered and un-fined with only a small addition of sulphur added at bottling if required. Vin De Soif aims to create light, playful pleasure-seeking wines that are for drinking on Sundays, Organic Wines Pour Le Bistro.

Heathcote, VIC
7.8 °C - 21.7 °C
36.9167° S
144.7000° E

Pétillant Naturel (Viognier, Marsanne, Riesling)
Rouge (Syrah)

Tobias Ansted

Tobias’s desire to create well-made, organically farmed wines – focusing on the vineyard and letting the vines speak for themselves – was inspired by vintages in Burgundy at Domaine Vincent Girardin, then Cave Yves Cuilleron in Condrieu in 2005, and five years later with Tom Lubbe at Domaine Matassa, a natural wine proponent in the Côtes Catalanes.

Certified Organic
Sustainable Winegrowing

2021 Vin De Soif Rouge Syrah – 92 Points Mike Bennie